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Statement from Ronn

Feb 12 , 2018 | Posted by: Ronn | 0 Comments

My deepest thanks to everyone who’s written to me or posted in social media regarding the changes at KGO810 which have resulted in the cancellation of my talk show after 42 years.  I can’t put into words how much your support has meant to me.  I’m truly touched and trying to respond in some manner to all of them.  Please know that I’ve read each one.

As I’ve often said, we’ve created an extended family of sorts over the years as we gather each day to discuss, laugh, cry, or scratch our heads over what’s going on in our world.  I’ve personally been through a lot over the years with all of you who’ve listened to my show.  You’ve been there through births, deaths, illnesses and other major events with me.  For that, I’m incredibly grateful and look forward to our continued connection in the future.

I hope you know I’m still on KGO810, doing The Ronn Owens Report weekday afternoons at 12:50 and 3:50.  That’s where you’ll hear my rants, strong opinions and interviews, as I share my unique point of view as the Voice of Reason in the Bay Area.  I’m also looking into ways we can continue our two-way dialog via live-streaming or some other format.  I greatly miss connecting with you in a real-time conversation every day and want to resume that as soon as possible.  Of course, we can still be in touch at www.facebook.com/ronnowens and on Twitter @ronnowens

Email me at sfowens@gmail.com

My thanks to David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle for getting the story right in his piece below: 


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