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   Searchme    Searchme lets you see what you're searching for
   allmyfaves.com    Visual logo directory that specializes in the top 10 faves of each category
   Stumbleupon.com    Discover new sites
   Factbites.com    What do you get if you cross a search engine with an encyclopedia?
   Google    Perhaps the fastest engine on the Web.
   Google Blog Search    Find blogs on your favorite topics
   Accoona.com    A search engine with interactive tools
   Bloglines    A server-based aggregation system
   Dogpile    All the best search engines rolled into one
   A9.com    Still one of the most useful engines around
   Technorati    It's like Google for blogs
   Open Directory    A true powerhouse in web-searching
   Zworks Meta Search    Top quality meta engine
   Vivisimo    Cool meta search engine
   AltaVista    A comprehensive search engine
   Search.com    Metasearch engine
   Go2Net    Uses the "MetaCrawler" search protocol
   Mamma.com    The mother of all search engines
   AlltheWeb    Offers a variety of specialized search tools
   Search Engine Showdown    User's guide to websearching
   Ask Jeeves    Searches several engines simultaneously.
   Beaucoup!    2000 search engines and directories
   Metasearch    The original way to search, since 1995
   Yahoo!    Yahoo! for the SF Bay Area
   HotBot    Web search is powered by Inktomi
   Webcrawler    Several search engines spun together
   Phone number geolocator    Phone prefix location lookup tool
   Switchboard    Internet yellow and white pages
   WhitePages    Directory and people search
   YellowBook.com    Find a business and more
   Zip2    Business directories and portal services
   Superpages.com    Yellow and white pages
   GLBTPI.com    Offers free gay and lesbian events searching
   Anywho    A great online phone book and people-finder sponsored by AT&T
   411.com    Find a person or business
   Infobel    Telephone directories on the web
   Top10Links    Find the web's top sites
   InfoSpace    Yellow and white pages
   Whowhere?    Several different ways to look up anybody
   Thesaurus.com    A list of synonyms and antonyms
   Merriam-Webster    Online dictionary
   Encyclopedia.com    Because knowledge is cool
   College Atlas    Search accredited colleges and higher education opportunities
   OneLook Dictionary    A search engine for words and phrases
   iTools    Search, research, reference, look up or translate
   Urban Dictionary    Focuses on slang words and offbeat definitions
   Internet Public Library    Before there was Google, there was the Internet Public Library
   The Straight Dope    No matter how strange the question, Cecil Adams can answer it
   Google Earth    Part tool, part toy
   Internet Archive    Use the WayBack Machine and catch a glimpse of the Web that was
   Wikipedia    A great resource, even if some entries are out of date or incomplete
   Google Groups    Formerly "DejaNews"
   Weather.com    Enter your Zip Code and see weather predictions
   RefDesk.com    Reference, facts and news
   GuideStar    Provides information on nearly all major charitable organizations
   InfoPlease    An almanac, atlas, dictionary, & encyclopedia, all rolled into one
   Translation    Translations online
   SoYouWanna.com    All the things nobody taught you in school.
   Library Spot    Another large, informative site.
   BUBL Link    An Internet-based information service from the UK
   lii.org    Search and browse Librarians' Index for the best of the web
   AllExperts.com    Questions and answers
   WORLDTIME    Interactive world atlas, tons of info
   Info Service    A very good web reference source
   Start Here    Search engines, white pages, yellow pages, databases, directories
   Excite    Search engine and news
   Reference.Com    A very good reference site
   What's New for Today    From Yahoo