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   The Democratic Party    Click here to view the previous party platform
   The Republican Party    Click here to view the previous party platform
   The National Libertarian Party    Official site
    Reform Party    Founded by Ross Perot in 1995
    The Green Party    Official site
    American Reform Party    Group that splintered away from Ross Perot's Reform Party in 1997
    Peace and Freedom    Official site
   Real Clear Politics    Opinion, News and Analysis
   Politico    Political News
   NYTimes Politics    Campaign 2008 from the New York Times
   The Huffington Post    Arianna Huffington's blog
   Daily Kos    Daily Kos is the highest-trafficked weblog
   FiveThirtyEight.com    Electoral projections done right
   InstaPundit    An online magazine of opinion
   The Plank    The New Republic Blog
   2 Blowhards    Weblog of "a group of graying amateurs"
   Eschaton    Weblog of "a 32 year old recovering economist"
   Michelle Malkin    Web site and commentary of syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin
   Crooks and Liars    An on-line, virtual magazine
   California Conservative    Online political punditry
   MyDD    A political blog of analysis and commentary
   AndrewSullivan.com    He's gay, he's Catholic, and he's conservative
   Liberal Oasis    Left wing blog
   Right From The Right    Right wing blog
   The Moderate Voice    Moderate analysis and comments
   Liberals.about.com    Liberal and Progressive politics and perspectives
   QandO Online    A meta-blog written from the libertarian perspective
   Talking Points Memo    Weblog of a Contributing Writer for the Washington Monthly
   Enter Stage Right    A journal of modern conservatism
   The Left Coaster    Current events, politics, media
   AmericaBlog    Liberal US politics blog with a particular focus on activism
   RedState.org    A Republican community weblog
   NOW    National Organization for Women
   Emily's List    Political network mobilizing women voters
   CAWP    Center for American Women and Politics
   National Women's Political Caucus    Dedicated to increasing women’s participation in the political process
   NFWL    National Foundation for Women Legislators
   League of Women Voters    A nonpartisan political organization
   IWPR    Institute for Women's Policy Research
   Women in Government    A non-profit, bi-partisan organization of women state legislators
   Open Secrets    Find out who's getting how much from where, here
   Political Humor    Comments and links from everywhere
   National Journal    Political week in review
   Political Information    A search engine for politics
   The Hill    The Capitol Newspaper on the Web
   Campaigns&Elections    From the Congressional Quarterly
   Rough and Tumble    Daily Drive-By On California Politics
   The Weekly Standard    A right-leaning American opinion magazine
   CVF    California Voter Foundation
   Vote Smart    One of the best political websites
   Roll Call Online    The newspaper of Capitol Hill
   White House    Interesting and informative visit
   Bill Clinton    An unofficial site
   Zipper    Find your Representative or Senator
   California Home Page    From the California state government
   PNAC    The Project for the New American Century
   Politics1    Guide to US Politics & Elections
   PoliticsOnline    News, tools and strategies
   Real Clear Politics    News, commentaries, political races, polls, and more
   Debate Politics Forum    Political debate and discussion
   Townhall.com     A forum for conservative thoughts, ideas and actions
   MoveOn.org    Political activists website
   FactCheck.org    Nonpartisan center checks campaign ads for possible truth
   Google's list of political websites    Ranked by popularity
   The Cook Political Report    A nonpartisan analysis of electoral politics
   Rock the Vote    How to register to vote
   JibJab.com    Fun and creative!
   Real Change    Dirt, attitude and opinionated character reviews