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Jul 3 , 2014 | Posted by: Ronn | 0 Comments

I didn’t particularly want to say it on my program nor write it as I’m doing now, but I just can’t support Barack Obama any more.

Do I regret voting for him a second time? Yes.

There are so many issues where I believe the President has come up either short or just plain wrong.  Domestic issues first:

...IRS – It is clear the IRS targeted certain groups and individuals. The president knew about it approximately six months before it became public and yet nothing was done.  Now he appoints a new IRS director, whose arrogance testifying before Congress was disgusting. (Imagine the IRS wanting you to produce your records and you said you couldn’t because your hard drive crashed.  I’m sure they would be most understanding.)

...Veterans – When running for his first term, he pledged to make VA hospitals and veterans themselves a top priority.  The callousness of administrators letting these men and women wait months, even years just to get the appointment while giving themselves bonuses is inexcusable.

..Obamacare – Although there were parts of it which were definitely positive (in the long run adding preventive medicine and coverage for many who have no insurance, for example,) the way the plan was rushed out after having years of preparation was careless and sloppy.

..Congress - no President, even Jimmy Carter, has had worse relations with Congress. Yes, the Republicans have shown no cooperation at all, but there’s much the president could have done it he swallowed his pride and schmoozed them, much the way Bill Clinton did.

There’s more (the NSA, total lack of transparency, the consistent efforts to “level the playing field” along with his view of a different America for example,) but overall his leadership has been sadly lacking.

Yet as bad as his domestic record has been, his International report card is worse.

..The Russian “reset” has emboldened Vladimir Putin and our relations with them are significantly worse.

..His lack of a response to the famous “line in the sand” declaration with Syria has enabled Bashar Assad to remain in power, brutalizing his own people.  Now (over a year later) there are attempts to provide weapons to the opposition.  A bit late, especially since the bad guys (al Qaeda and ISIS) have gained in power within the rebel fighters groups.   

..Iran is talking with the US and other countries about nuclear capability,  while they use the time to build up their ability to gain those very weapons.

..In Egypt he first supported the Muslim Brotherhood. Then he pulled back but still sent them some equipment.  The Army now doesn’t trust us, though clearly our peace efforts in the Middle East are better served with the military.

..His contempt for Israel has created fractured relations with our only heretofore trustworthy ally in the region. 

These examples of seriously wrong choices are multiplied by the time he takes to make any decision. 

..(You might notice I haven’t mentioned Iraq. He pulled our troops because the American public demanded that, just as we’re doing now with Afghanistan. I don’t put ISIS as his failure. If anything I feel sorry for how he is boxed in right now and his need to make lose/lose decisions.) 

I have had three members of Congress, strong Democrats, express their disgust with this Administration.  Do I think Hillary Clinton would have done better? Even though  don’t know if I’ll vote for her in 2016, I’ll answer in one word:


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Apr 6 , 2014 | Posted by: Ronn | 0 Comments

…It will take a while to get real numbers on the Affordable Care Act. Key is how many people who’ve signed up had no insurance prior to Obamacare and how many younger people join.  No matter how it plays out, it will be THE issue in the ...

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