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An incredible presidential campaign year…

Apr 20 , 2016 | Posted by: Ronn | 0 Comments

… but at the end of this rainbow, we are all going to be stuck with the prize.

We started with 18 Republican candidates. This included senators and governors. Now think back to that. Can you think of one that you thought would be a good president? If your answer is yes, you’re in a very small group. So now it has been whittled down to two people whom nobody really wants. The Trump joke is about  to end, and Cruz it Is our worst nightmare.

On the Democratic side sure Larry David… I mean Bernie Sanders… is fun to listen to, but his basic ideas are utopian.  So we will be left with Hillary Clinton, whom nobody’s really excited about, who has enough skeletons to bring down any normal candidate in a normal year and yet is the only one of these people who would generally get the White House process.

I have said repeatedly on the air I am not at all crazy about Hillary, but sadly could see myself voting for her It truly will be the best of the worst. I dread reliving those Monica years and words being parsed all over the place, but for the sake of the country there isn’t one of the person running  whom I could feel excited about.

The problem itself is simple:

No one in their right mind really wants to go through the process of getting elected. It’s cumbersome, petty and way too long. Whoever wins our California primary, which for once means something, is going to be one tired person. Let’s hope he or she is much better doing the job and despite going through this ridiculous election process.

One other question:  anyone you really like in 2020?

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