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Apr 6 , 2014 | Posted by: Ronn | 0 Comments

…It will take a while to get real numbers on the Affordable Care Act. Key is how many people who’ve signed up had no insurance prior to Obamacare and how many younger people join.  No matter how it plays out, it will be THE issue in the November campaigns, barring A major crisis in foreign affairs. 

…Another “torture” year for the Giants.  Opening day’s 9-8 win over the Diamondbacks confirms that prediction. 

…The roaring boos for Bill Di Blasio (New York City’s Mayor) will get louder. Populism is easy, but destructive in the long run. 

…You hear far fewer politicians on my program than in years past.  Why?  With social media they can make their points without having

to answer potentially embarrassing questions.

…About eight months ago on the program, Chris Matthews said 2016 will be Hillary Clinton vs, Rand Paul.  I was stunned by his GOP prediction but he may be right.

…Screen envy is helping Android increase its hold of smartphone apps.

5 inches on many of their (Samsung, HTC, LG) phones seems justright. With tech analysts guessing iPhone 6 will be available in two sizes, 4.7 is too small and 5.5 inches too big.

…”House of Cards” was superb.  And Mad Men returns soon!  But get into “The Americans” on FX if you haven’t already.  SO good! 

…Happy 80th birthday to Willie Brown.  A smart man who is one of the last true larger than life political icons.

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Feb 27 , 2014 | Posted by: Ronn | 0 Comments

9 Days - Rome to Barcelona - July 4th-13th, 2014

All the info is here...


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