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Some thoughts about the latest from God's gift to talk show hosts (aka Trump!)

Mar 20 , 2017 | Posted by: Ronn | 0 Comments


..The GOP promised to get rid of Obamacare  and now we have the American Health Care Act (AHCA).
President Trump said "no one will lose their insurance. So the non partisan CBS determines 14,000,000 will lolse it in year one alone. Makes you understand why he rejects the term TrumpCare.It becomes the ONLY time he doesn't want his name on anything!
...Do the Russians have anything on Trump; does that explain why he seems to be going easy on them? Well if they do, my gut says it has to do with financial dealings. I know, many think they have a sex tape.  To which I would ask: Is there ANYTHING that would shock you, let alone be enough to remove him from the Presidency? Even if it involved him with a goat, he'd say the goat was over 21 and consented anyway.
...And now we have the release of his 2005 tax returns...at least the top two pages, which reveal nothing about his business dealings. Of course, they do

...show him I'm a good light. Shocker. Out of curiosity, why 2005? Seems handpicked, no?

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